Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Olah raga buat penderita varicocele

Olahraga yang bersifat aerobik boleh dilakukan, misalnya jalan kaki, senam, bersepeda. Tidak ada obat memberikan jaminan bisa manghambat varicocele.

Treatment for Varicocele
There are several treatment options for varicocele, depending on symptoms and seriousness of the condition.
If the varicocele is not causing any symptoms of pain and infertility is not an issue, no treatment is warranted. In cases of mild discomfort, the condition usually can be managed by wearing an athletic supporter or snug-fitting underwear during strenuous activity or exercise.

Treatment for varicocele is indicated in the following conditions:

a) Adolescent (age 12-18 years) with large varicocele and evidence of decreased testicular size.
The size of testes on the side where varicocele is present, is smaller than the opposite side.
Treatment is advised although the varicocele is not causing pain or other symptoms as it would improve function of the affected testes.

b) Any person with varicocele induced testicular pain.
Pain is usually described as 'dragging' and worse with prolonged exercise or standing.

c) Varicocele that is men who are subfertile or infertile
Correction of varicocele would result in 50%-70% improvement in men with low or poor sperm

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